S2E01 | How True Love Launched a Citizen Cyclery

Remember when riding a bike was fun? Remember when riding a bike WASN’T a competitive sport? In 2014, Alberta Venture magazine declared Sean Carter one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People. That remarkable feat, and many other contributions Sean has made to the province, can be traced back to a moment when true love changed him from a competitive cyclist into a bike man for the people. In 2010, he and his partner, Nadia Smiley, opened BikeBike, a store that provides bicycles, service, and products for everyday cycling, bicycle commuting, running errands, exploring your community, or exploring the city with your children ... all the activities that make cycling fun. Sean, a former host of the Bike Town podcast, returns to the podcast as a guest to share his vision for a citizen cyclery that gets people back on bikes.

Bike Town Podcast: Series 2, Episode 1

Host: Greg Glatz
Guest: Sean Carter
Interview Date: March 2018 at Knox United Church (Calgary)
Producer & Editor: Greg Glatz


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