S2E02 | This Mom Bikes

Lindsay Bliek is a mom who bikes almost everywhere. So, it’s no surprise her blog is called This Mom Bikes. Lindsay knows that, in North America, women are still a minority of people who ride bicycles. She wants to see that change, and soon. We invited her on the Bike Town podcast to explain why and to share her tips on everyday bike riding ... with kids!

Bike Town Podcast: Series 2, Episode 2

Host: Greg Glatz
Guest: Lindsay Bliek
Interview Date: March/April 2018 at Knox United Church (Calgary)
Producer & Editor: Greg Glatz


  • Rock Angel by Joakim Karud (https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud). Music promoted by Audio Library: https://youtu.be/K8eRXvLL7Wo.
  • Adventures by A Himitsu (https://soundcloud.com/a-himitsu). Music provided by Audio Library: https://youtu.be/MkNeIUgNPQ8.
  • Folk Chinese by PeriTune (https://soundcloud.com/sei_peridot). Music promoted by Audio Library: https://youtu.be/EfNzA9M3JNc.
  • Chilling by Oshóva (https://soundcloud.com/osh-va). Music promoted by Audio Library: https://youtu.be/D1B3RXVjiiQ.